David Schechter

WFAA-TV, Senior Reporter/Host/Co-Producer, Verify Road Trip

David Schechter is the reporter/host and co-producer of Verify Road Trip from WFAA-TV and TEGNA Media. He takes real people on the road so they can ask their own questions, see what he sees, and reach their own conclusions. For example, Schechter has taken a Trump voter to the Texas-Mexico border, a climate change skeptic to Alaska, and a mother of young girls to explore her fear that hormones in milk lead to early puberty. He is a two-time winner of a national Murrow Award for documentary, two-time Scripps Howard winner, James Beard Award finalist, University of Michigan graduate, a patented inventor, and a Poynter Institute Ethics fellow.

Verify was designed to provide viewers with an approach to storytelling that is significantly different from what local news has traditionally offered. The four core values of Verify are: transparency, guest reporters, context, and engagement.

Prior to transitioning to his role leading Verify, Schechter's stories have forced Federal authorities to close a loophole that allowed thousands of illegal immigrants, facing serious felony charges like rape and murder, to be deported instead of going to trial; exposed how sub-standard HOV lanes led to at least eight fatal accidents, forcing the Texas Department of Transportation to spend millions to improve its design; and raised serious safety questions about improperly set speed limits on toll roads in North Texas, resulting in the resetting speed limits on more than 70 miles of roadway.

Featured in: New Frontiers in News Storytelling (Tuesday)

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