NewsTECHForum –Television News in a Transformational Year

Pivoting the Newsroom to Crisis – News VPs or Directors
Left fielder stories are now routine. How do news organizations develop agility to solve for problems they can’t anticipate? How do they reinforce or develop an agile action plan and toolset to deal with unanticipated new crises. What tools and workflows can best help them to meet unprecedented moments?

Novel Approaches to News Storytelling Under Stress — 2020 Style – Reporters Show and Tell
Television’s most innovative storytellers talk about what they learned covering the pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests and the 2020 election — accomplished largely at home and without access to the kinds of collaboration they typically enjoy. What are their technology needs?

IP and Cloud Workflows 2021 – Engineering / IT
The crises of 2020 hastened the move to IP and cloud. What parts of news workflow can move into the cloud in 2021? Where has it shown its resiliency under duress in 2020 and how is it likely to widen.

How Will Digital and OTT News Storytelling Evolve in 2021? Digital Editorial – CDOs
How are newsrooms reassessing digital strategies in light of the pandemic and remote workflows? How are they using digital platforms differently? Digital and OTT news chiefs talk about what’s next in their world. What are their technology needs?

News 2022: The Reshaping of Programming, Technology and Audience
Technology and news futurists predict what news, news workflow and audience development will look like two years from now, in the wake of a global pandemic, a potential political realignment in the U.S. and the rapid growth of OTT and other digital services.

Standing Out on Social in a Historic Year
Social media newsroom leaders in news and weather share their best practices for deeply and successfully engaging with viewers in a year of a pandemic, protests and catastrophic weather and climate events. They also talk about the technologies they use and how they integrate with traditional news workflow technology.