Video News in a Changing Media Ecosystem: 2021 Agenda Highlights 


Remote Production & the Future of News Storytelling 
Has storycentric workflow, long a mantra in news production, gotten a boost from more than a year of distributed production? How are news managers, producers and the operations teams that support them reimagining production and storytelling in a post-pandemic world? 

Post Pandemic News Operations 
How has widespread remote production in news programming changed the way TV’s engineering, news and digital content community think about designing the newsrooms, studios and control rooms of the future? A brainstorming session with executives in technology, news and digital. 

The Cloud & the Future of News Production 
The cloud offers potential for news organizations with correspondents located around the world, throughout a regional or across a single DMA. TV’s engineering community is already planning content management’s move into the cloud and cloud editing is gaining ground. What steps are engineering/IT managers taking to move more news operations into a cloud or hybrid cloud setting? What are they learning about costs, security and other concerns? 

Reinventing the Live Shot
Smaller news vehicles, cameras that acquire, stream and even edit video, connectivity via bonded cellular, low earth orbit satellite, 2 GHz, 5G: the changing economics of the video news industry has technologists imagining new ways to handle the live shot. We gather leaders in traditional and non-traditional ENG to imagine the future together. 

Disrupt the News: Reinventing TV News for a Connected World 
TV broadcasters have tried for years to attract younger audiences without offending existing linear TV audiences. The rise of streaming and mobile offer clear opportunities to reinvent the wheel. We gather marketers, news iconoclasts and a communications student or two to re-imagine video news.  

Social Media Excellence Awards 
The third annual Social Media Excellence Awards will gather leaders in engagement to accept their awards and talk about their work.