NewsTECHForum 2022 Agenda Highlights

By TVN Staff on June 14, 2022

2022 Agenda Highlights 


Blowing Up the TV Newscast in Order To Save It 

There’s great utility in the television newscast, even in a media ecosystem awash in social, mobile, streamed and online news. But the format is way overdue for an overhaul. News, technology and digital media  futurists gather to talk about how they are envisioning, testing and implementing changes to the format, storytelling approaches, data visualization, design and more and they assess how technology can enable the process. 


Reinventing News Presentation & Presenters in a Multimedia Ecosystem 

The changing role of the anchor and other presenters, the rise of investigative reporting and explainer stories, augmented reality, video walls and even synthetic talent:  all contribute to reinventing the way news is packaged and presented for a multimedia, personalized world. How are leading futurists shaping these changes and how are technologists and technology powering new approaches, remote presentation and other changes? 


Creating More Content for a Multimedia Audience 

Hubbing, news sharing and collaboration, AI, the cloud and cutting edge video acquisition strategies are enhancing the ability of content creation teams to expand their productivity while avoiding burnout and keeping the budget under control. How are technologists and technology helping to power this critically important mission? 


Building Tomorrow’s News Studio & Workflows 

PTZ cams, control rooms in the cloud and a new generation of teleprompters and robotics are reshaping the news studio, control room and production workflows. How is technology enabling more creativity, efficiency and productivity, lightening the load and inspiring news production leaders and their teams? How are teams using that technology to build tomorrow’s news studio & workflows? 


Field Production’s Multiplying Options and the Quest for More Stories 

Low earth orbit satellites, 5G, LAN, WAN and internet gateways offer new options for news operations chiefs looking to expand their connectivity tool chest while allowing reporters and videographers to shoot more stories and producers to reversion them for many media. How are technologists and technology facilitating this effort to produce more content for more outlets?


New Frontiers in News Production

Remote production and the cloud have led news organizations to rethink the way their teams approach the story, from reporting and editing to production, reversioning and multimedia distribution. How are cloud based technologies shaping this trend? How are roles in the newsroom changing and how is technology facilitating that?