Ben Ramos

Fox News, VP, Fox Archive, Field and Emerging Tech

Ben Ramos joined Fox News Channel at its inception in 1996, where he currently serves as vice president, overseeing Fox News Archive, as well as field and emerging technology operations. Throughout his tenure with the network, he has assisted in launching several technology initiatives aimed at improving field newsgathering for the network. Notably, during Operation Desert Storm, he was integral in setting up vehicular M4 satellite antennas on-the-go for field vehicles in Iraq. More recently, he’s worked to innovate in the field news coverage through cellular video transmission enhancements, the Fox Flight drone program and Fox WeatherCAM. Additionally, he works directly with the network’s multimedia reporter (MMR) program to help in-field advancements and training of the network’s MMR team. As head of Fox Archives, Ramos also works to preserve 100 years of Fox wholly owned content.

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