David Rodríguez Moldes

Brainstorm, Product Manager

David Rodríguez Moldes is product manager at Brainstorm, with overall responsibility for the product portfolio, including product definition and development supervision. 

Moldes has held several positions within the company including technical manager and most recently sales engineering manager out of the US NYC office. 

He has worked closely with many global brands including WWE, The NFL Network, CNBC, SMT, TVE and MBC Korea to name just a few. His technical and operational experience over the last 17 years in this space, deem him an authority in virtual production including all the R’s (VR/AR/XR/MR) and 2D/3D motion graphics within the context of broadcast operations/news, training and transitioning teams as well as in studio and on location live on-air deployments. 

With a global vision of the most advanced broadcast technologies, Moldes is an experienced teacher and demonstrator, with an unmatched passion for technology.

Moldes holds a bachelor’s degree in film and communications from IES Puerta Bonita and lives with his wife and two daughters in Madrid, Spain. 

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