Fabian Westerwelle

Executive Director, Media & Technology Operations, Disney DMED Tech Production Operations

Fabian Westerwelle, Executive Director, Media & Technology Operations at Disney DMED
Tech Production Operations
Fabian Westerwelle has oversight of news workflows and technology for ABC News. In his
current role, Westerwelle leads a team focused on workflow and technology for
newsgathering and production. He also oversees live streaming operations for the news
organization and built the core operations of ABC News Live, the news division’s 24x7
streaming news channel.
Related to that effort, he co-led the building of the unified Media Technology Center at ABC
News, bringing together media acquisition, ingest, live streaming, editing, distribution and
live master control operations/production into one facility. A large part of his focus is
currently on the new facility Disney is constructing in downtown Manhattan to ensure the
right workflows are in place for long-term success and growth. In prior roles, Westerwelle
led or helped coordinate field operations for numerous significant news stories over the
years, including the: 2016 Summer Olympics, 2016 and 2012 RNC Conventions, 2013
Presidential Inauguration, 2011 earthquake in Japan, the Boston bombings, and many
Throughout his 14 years working in TV news operations and technology, Westerwelle has
focused on making production workflows more efficient and implementing big-picture
improvements. His goal is to simplify production so that producers can put all their
concentration into creating the most engaging content while ensuring operational

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