Philippe Petitpont

Newsbridge, CEO

Philippe Petitpont co-founded Newsbridge with its disruptive multimodal AI indexing technology in 2016, by gathering broadcast engineers, big data and AI experts. As CEO, he steered the company to address the challenge of valorizing the overwhelming amount of video content generated by the media industry. In 2017 he signed Newsbridge's first customers and led the company's exponential growth in the broadcast industry. Since 2019, Petitpont has focused on scaling Newsbridge worldwide. It now has partnerships with companies ranging from international TV networks and press agencies to sports rights-holders. Before founding Newsbridge, he spent eight years as a broadcast engineer with TF1, France’s leading general-interest channel. He also worked for French media group M6, which owns several TV channels, magazines, publications, movie production and media-related firms.

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